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Playing in the hot orange sun all day gave me a tan!
It's time to take a break from this bright beach and have a delicious, cold lemonade in the shade.

Cool Pool Lemonade's dress and swimsuit are cute, but her biggest selling point is her tanned skin from the hot sun!
Her swimsuit is a vibrant blue and pink bikini that plays off her tan beautifully, with a cute pink ribbon across the chest and back of the pareo.
Slip on your white rimmed sunglasses or wrap your matching pareo around your waist to give you that extra adorable oomph!
The lemon print dress perfectly matches her energetic and fresh personality.

The blue denim ribbon is perfect to tie your hair with, and the heart-shaped earrings and lemon yellow shoes are a great combination for summer.

Her brown, permed hair, which is cut short into bangs, can be styled at the beach or down for a walk around town.
Her face color is mocha, which is a Middie first. Her eyeshadow is brown, cheeks pink, and her lips orange-pink.
Her eye color is emerald green.
Skin type: Mocha (dark skin)
Makeup: Eyeshadow: Brown / Lips: orange-pink / Cheeks: pink
Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Brown
Eye Lashes: Standard
Earrings: Heart-shaped

Set includes: Doll, swimming, pareo, dress, hair band, sunglasses, earrings, shoes, stand

NOTE: The dolls in the box have never been opened, and as they are collectible, old and rare, it is possible that when opened, they may have stains on the skin, wear on clothes, accessories and fading on the box.

Thank you for understanding.

Cool Pool Lemonade's Middie Blythe ~ Original

  • Customer friends, our return criteria is based on the quality of our merchandise, which is why we do not accept subsequent complaints on products that have been tampered with or damaged.

    (Undamaged products will be accepted within 7 days and the customer will be refunded in full)

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