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Strawberryland is so "berry" sweet, who could resist coming back for another visit? Jan Lindenberger and Jennifer Bowles returned from the place where strawberries grow year-round to bring us another volume of Strawberry Shortcake collectibles. Originally introduced as a greeting card design by American Greetings, Corp., this sweet-smelling little girl and her friends of many flavors became the playmates of children everywhere during the 1980s. These children grew up, but they never forgot Strawberryland – now Strawberry and his friends are in high demand on the collectors market. This volume covers not just the dolls themselves, but the many miniatures, toy sets, food, prizes, and even a chapter for "fabulous fakes"!

More Strawberry Shortcake Book

  • Customer friends, our return criteria is based on the quality of our merchandise, which is why we do not accept subsequent complaints on products that have been tampered with or damaged.

    (Undamaged products will be accepted within 7 days and the customer will be refunded in full)

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