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Middie Blythe "Oski tebyA lyublyU" is a special girl who lives in the forest with the bears
"Living in the forest with bears and nature is a lovely fantasy.
I want to live there with Misha and Suri. Let's share a happy life together."

Oski is dressed in Northern European folk dresses with cute animal and nature motifs.
The coordination of her dress, apron and ribbons gives this quantum fashion look.
Her blouse has puff sleeves with pretty lace detailing on the bodice.
His sweet skit has the traditional folk impression.
This is accentuated by her sweet apron printed with bunnies and flowers.

She wears a white fur bear hat with tiny lace around the brim and a pretty flower on her ear. With her cute bear hat, she fits in well with Misha and Suri! To finish the look, she has white tights and red strap shoes.

She has a healthy glow to her with RH's clear skin and soft makeup.
She has long blonde hair in a perm with bangs. Her last point of charm is her soft and clear brown eyes.
Skin: Fair
Makeup: yellow green eyeshadow, pink blush and lip.
Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: Blonde
Set includes: Doll, dress, apron, bear hat, tights, shoes and stand.

Release date: September 19, 2014

NOTE: The dolls in the box have never been opened, and as they are collectible, old and rare, it is possible that when opened, they may have stains on the skin, wear on clothes, accessories and fading on the box.

Thank you for understanding.

Oski tebyA lyublyU Middie Blythe ~ Original

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